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When our clients succeed, we succeed.

At TalentSensors® we are passionate and persistent about delivering the best talent to our clients. We’re committed to your long-term satisfaction, as well as the satisfaction of those you hire. By asking the right questions and mastering your organizational culture, we take your vision for the position and make it even better. With integrity and expertise, we will skillfully guide our clients to find the best fit for the job.


Why TalentSensors is unique


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We excel at communication

We are intuitive, honest, diplomatic, and open to new ideas. You can trust us to challenge your thinking when needed and to offer informed, fair advice. We also speak German and English, and understand Dutch and French.

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We ask the right questions

By asking the perfect questions and performing a detailed analysis of your organizational culture, we are certain to understand the nuances of a position before identifying candidates.

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We are specialists

We have special expertise in advanced manufacturing and distribution, electronic components, industrial imaging, automation, and robotics.

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We have international expertise

We specialize in U.S. companies expanding into Europe, and European companies expanding into the U.S. We’re highly skilled at working with multicultural teams within multi-national businesses.

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We relate to the challenges of a CEO

We’ve stood in your shoes and know what you’re up against. This allows us to speak frankly and better meet your needs, peer to peer.

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We offer the sleep-well factor

We deliver incredible results in a timely manner and are committed to 100% satisfaction. You can trust us to look after your organization’s best interests.


A Message from Niall Worn

CEO & Principal

I founded TalentSensors® because I am passionate about seeing others succeed. Leading my own teams of 3 to 56 people and conducting business in 21 countries over 20 years has given me a unique skill-set, one that allows me to assist successful organizations around the world with talent acquisition. At TalentSensors® we offer personalized service and expertise like no other. If you are looking for the perfect candidate for a key organizational role, we’d love to hear from you.

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A Case Study

At TalentSensors® we take pride in the attention we give each client. Read a case study that shows how we worked to satisfy both our candidate and client’s needs.


These strands create the fabric of TalentSensor’s culture







Sense of humor





Relationship Building